Friday, October 14, 2011

I Cry

They don't hear me.
The words pour from my heart.
With a knife they slice them apart.

It's not true--it's not you!

Inside I bleed.
They salve and pet their pride for they
determine what stands and what is right.

They trample the man in ordinary life.
They praise each other.

While mortals bleed and die on life's byways.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Great Wide Asleep

Nestled in the great wide asleep
   golden in the cusp
A spiral of songs drifted to me
   and in their rivers I belong
Translucent the mood
   nothing is veiled
With eye's clear focus
The gentle rustle of slumber's soft timbrel
   fell upon the floor like padded slippers
Translucent the mood
   perplexity turned to whisper and thus was subdued
There is no end to trace beginning's rupture
No path for which to aspire
   like a sunken tome
   time's forever lost in the chasm of the asleep
Petal to metal, concentration does not break
Wrapped, entranced
   the slumber enthralls and beckons
   the awaken to fall once more

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Comfort I pray this tender heart
where love beats
but its walls are fragile thin
spare not kind words
that could breach the deeping
wound gouged within
Lavish with forgetfulness the missteps
For the love that beats these tender walls
seep like tears that quickly

Monday, September 20, 2010


I look prettier.  My lips rosier.
‘Tis the touch of love upon the skin.
The dew of affection reflected from the eyes.
My glow is revived.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I wait upon a breath
for wings to lapse overtime
conventions, convictions
life foundations
I wear them & chisel them
What happens when the world
your world turns upside down
What trust can you place
in topsy-turvy space
Implications too heavy
to deny I composed a 
draft in my consciousness
and drift to midnight realms
Your words emblazoned
a torch that scarred the wood
I understood
for to be kind and to love
prevails the blackest of veils

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dare I Dream

Dare I dream the dream I cannot tell?
What once was closeness is distilled and
I can’t tell if you can hear.
Dare I speak the dreams I live?
Through garbled sounds silence emerge;
I dare not trust my voice to words.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Refuse to Dance

Soft and weeping is the mourner’s
symphony a dirge of black
costumery soulless and hallow
I don my glass mask
Should you not dance?  I fear your
happiness that you do not dance.
Heavy sighs do I bear
sorrow of your soul lessened by the
sad fate that you participate.

Should I oblige you by my happy?
Do I breathe my existence for your
ease?  Am I but to serve your
conscience and neglect my own?
I fear you astray.  Beware the
darken mis-steps of your path.
Come back, I pray.  It is never too
late.  Misgivings perchance happen;
save your fate.

I dance not you say.  I sing not nor
do I laugh with abandon of one
enveloped in ignorance.  That bliss
is no longer afforded me.  Mine 
eyes have seen what yours have not.
Do not misread my solemnity for an 
ineptitude to gaiety.  You see me
not, neither do you know me.  For 
had you but a grasp of life’s journey
you would withhold your tongue
and offered your hand.