Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Night of the Storm

She rides upon the tempest
this soft-winged creature
clothed in rain’s ethereal sheath.
She descends like a droplet
amongst the torrents.

She circles the dark-bellied clouds;
her songs of crystal lightning
tease and beckon storms’ restless
Hobbled upon fury’s gusts,
plummeting trees’ top turrets,
bending boughs with mercy’s
lesser breeding.

She sighs upon thunder’s bellows;
her breath bearing shudders
froths the foamy seas.
She dances upon the restless wind—
in mockery she churns and spins.
Falter and fumble she tumbles;
her net sweeps earth's shattered face—
she lifts her feet, fury bent—
scorned, she dips and drags until her
shame dispelled and no one remembers…
save destruction.

1 comment:

  1. So enjoyed the emotive expression of actions as she proceeds through.