Monday, August 23, 2010

Tax Free Weekend

Local Wal-Mart a jumbled mess.  
Full moon and parking lot.  

Bright green avocados hard as baseballs sit in bins.  
Naked shelves--scant spaghetti sauce.  
Doritos gone.  No bangles and baubles.  
Mud streaks aisle of protractors, pens and notebook paper.  

Mad rush.  Woman stockpiles cart with groceries.  
Empties it on conveyer belt.  
Halle Berry on Vogue magazine.  
Black wool replace Burberry trenches.  
Julianne Moore poses nude with lion cub 
pressed against her chest and expensive handbag.  

More people stream through doors.  
Cashiers tired, their jaws clenched.  
I hurry home and try to text.  Green lights all the way.  
Walmart is nearly cleaned out.
I bet!
I crave nachos.  He craves mashed potatoes.
Good night; I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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