Saturday, March 7, 2009

Abuchon (Chandeliers)

On days like this when the sun does not scorch...or better yet the sun is not shining, I take a stroll into town. It is not nearly spring yet; the flowers have not yet awaken and trees' limbs are but naked twigs. Today is a preview of what spring has in store...a teaser. The air is light and void of the biting cold. Although clouds obscure the sun from view, it is a refreshing change. Chilled sunshine is no longer refreshing.

Clay is playing at Robert's. I dropped him off before heading to the square. Caroline asked that I look at some chandeliers for her. The bakery is beginning to take off. She has averaged three orders per day. Occassional customers pop in every now and then. She really does need a bigger sign by the road. I think Monsieur Ferment agreed to have our rocky lane paved. It will be a much welcomed change. So dusty!

Anyway, chandeliers!

Madame Lindle's store.
One of her many chandeliers.

I couldn't resist. Who could resist...the EYE??

Besides, it was on sale.

Belle-epoc's corner boutique.
I have to admit, this one is my favorite thus far.
It befits Caroline.
Madame Lindle might be a bit disappointed
if Caroline chooses this one.

I am rather drawn to this. A friend commented
on its Arthurian style.
There I go again...I think of Cedric.

Reminds me that our gate needs to be replaced.
Monsieur DeFluer would be delighted
I think.

Feeling drawn to yellow.

Warm glow...

I like the surface of the wood. It inspires me.

I brought my journal. The park benches are not yet all occupied. I think I shall sit for a while and write before returning. What would Cedric think of crystal chandeliers and early spring-like mornings?


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