Sunday, March 8, 2009

Abuchon (Dishes)

I am to plan a luncheon.

What shall be on the menu?
What shall be the theme?
What shall be the centerpiece?

Mediterranean tuna salad with capers, kalamata olives and feta cheese.
Fresh sliced strawberries and juicy Fiji apples.
Honey custard made with lavender honey.

Margharitt is bringing crackers and cheese.
Caroline has baked wheat rolls for the tuna salad.
Diett is in charge of the drinks.

Sundays are breather days before the busy-ness of the week soon envelops us. I just want to invite a few close friends over to give them a reprieve from having to plan a meal. We'll sit on oversized cushioned floor pillows around the coffee table.

At the corner flowershop not far from Diett's store I saw on the counter volumptuous blossoms spilling over a colorful vase. How did the blossoms grow to be so big and fluffy?! I bought a couple dozen with some green accents for the arrangement. (I'm not proficient with plant names and species. I know the basics, and when I have the liesure time I'll sign up for a gardening class offered by one of the ladies of the Historical Society.)

I can't help it. Whether I'm hosting an informal gathering or even just contemplating on one I like to peruse the stores to get new ideas. What I usually end up doing is buying new things...more things. I have collected so many things, and I do not tire of purchasing more. One of life's simple pleasures...if one can call shopping a simple pleasure.

Fields of pansies and strawberries. This reminds me of a strawberry farm not too far from my parent's house in the country. We would pick strawberries until our finger tips and tongues were stained with berry juice.

Bluebells and violets. I am reminded of a charming bed and breakfast I stayed in Provence when I took a short weekend break from working on my book. I need to make a note to go revisit the cottage again.

Caroline so wants to go to Peru and Belize. The colors make me think of the vibrant travel brochures she has been collecting.

Elegant. I would like to have this setting one day.

Exactly what I was in search for. Was I really searching to buy something? Inadvertently I guess I always am...

Fun. These napkin rings inspire me to plan a spring picnic. I do miss Madame DuChamp so!


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