Monday, May 25, 2009

Shadow Star

he comes like a shadow star
blinking in the night
like a dusky breeze he ruffles curtains left open
for a sign

make haste, enter
do not stare as billows of vapor
smooth the soft down laying comfortably there

whispers carried on a breath leaves
with haste so close to regret
what is it like to find rest in such solitude of night?

the owl's cry signals twilight's dismissal
can you fathom the purple deep
ensconced in tempered breathing?
lulled by a wakeless lullaby he drifts past reaching

liquid dreams tempt to hold substance when
form and time scoff
how can one climb to grasp night's vision
before the embers of remembrance fade?

stand with out-stretched hands
on tip-toes raise
sealed with baited breath...
watch closely the shadow star

as he leaves, the curtains he will shake
leaving his scent along the wake
and adieu he floats away

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