Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden Steps


Our paths once crossed and looking
we did not see.
The Garden Steps overgrown with moss
lead beyond the way familiar.
The hedges untrimmed are high,
obscuring views of what's before.
We know not the leaves are golden
thus the steps are quickly forsaken.


Could there be a soul brave & stalwart
dare to walk the untrodden path?
The songs of birds are silent there,
no whispering fountains to sooth
sultry airs.
The way is curt.
Perhaps there's beauty
past the sunken hollow.
But who can tell who's not
ventured past tomorrow?


Seize the steps for the day quickly
wanes. When darkness thrusts
it will be too late.
What premonitions hold you sway
to treat the path less traveled by
a destiny too quickly shunned?
Bitter sorrow lace regrets like
fingers intertwined.
Discovery awaits when alas
you make that climb.

Where is the gate keeper to bolt
the way past fatal time? A
host of others never follow
so why bother?

When at the time appointed
there comes one who flings
a backward glance past caution...
and dares to tread the Garden Steps.

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